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Arabian Horse Farms

Phone: 856-467-0870
169 Russell Mill Road
Woolwich Twp, New Jersey

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Dorsett Arabian Horse Breeding Policy / Statement
We admire the Classic Arabian horses, those of gentle personality, airy type, beauty and powerful ability. For all those things we are drawn to the Arabian Horses. 

Arabian horses are collected in the desert and bred for generations in Egyptian horse breeding programs. 
The Arabian horse breeding program that most closely matched our ideal was that of the Marshalls of Gleanloch Farm, who imported directly from Egypt the influential Arabian Stallion *Morafic as well as some of the finest Arabian Mares to be found there, daughters of Nazeer, Sameh, and Sid Abouhom.

Those classic Arabian horses became part of a successful show barn consisting of performance as well as halter horses successful to the national level.
We aspire to produce a similar combination of beauty, athleticism and charisma.

Early in our Egyptian program, the stunning *Morafic son, Zedann, and the dramatic Ansata Shah Zaman son, Ansata Nile Bay, offered an exceptional combination of internationally known immortals. *Morafic, Nabiel and Ansata Ibn Halima.They produced foals with bold, easily trainable attitudes, size and ability. Bred to our daughters of Shaik Al Badi and Rofann, they produced all we could ask in style, ability and type.
Today we look to stallions Windd Rush and Mysterios to make their mark soon. Windd Rush in person emphases the beauty and correctness of the best of Ansata Halima and *Morafic. The young Mysterios brings in sucessful contemporary lines from *Morafic without bypassing the same magic cross. We expect spectacular style, size and talent from him. 

The beat goes on.. 
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We believe we are carrying forward essential Egyptian breed group characteristics into a contemporary, versatile Arabian horse.